ISBN Maschine | Rule Book 1 Machine

Rule Book 1 - Machine


Text Colour

The text of the page defines the text colour. For this, the text determines the value of the hexadecimal colour definition. The hexadecimal colour definition is based on the RGB colour space. The text determines the colour value for red,green and blue.


The first letter of the text determines the colour value for red and determines which letters are used to determine the colour values green and blue. The selection is made in German texts according to the order of the letters on a QWERTZ keyboard, in English texts of the QWERTY keyboard. The order starts with Q for the German keyboard and ends with ß. In English it starts with Q and ends with M. The selection is made according to the writing direction of the Latin writing system.


The determination of the colour value depends on the number of occurrences of the selected letter in the evaluated sentence with the following formula in hexadecimal notation:


255 / [Number of occurrences Letter]


If the selected letter does not exist in the text, the value is "00". If the occurrence of all three selection letters is “2”, the formula is modified as follows:


(255 / 2) - 5


Background colour

The background colour is the complementary colour of the text colour, the individual colour values are determined using the following formula:


255 – (255 / [Number of occurrences Letter])


If the selected letter in the text occurs once the value is "00". If it does not occur is the value is "FF"


Display duration

The page is displayed one seventh of a second per word plus 6 seconds.

Font size

The font-size is determined by the length of the sentence. Sentences with less than 3 words have a font size of 5em, sentences longer than that but shorter than 500 characters have a font size of 2.7em, longer texts have 1.5 em.



Below the sentence, the ISBN number of the book and the type of sentence are given. This links to the entry of the book in the online directory of the national library of the publishing country of the book.


Directional arrows

The directional arrows control the movement of the isbn machine.


Home page

The start page is determined by the day's date using the following logic. Each day of the month is assigned a letter in the order of the QWERTZ keyboard (1 = β, 2 = q, 3 = w, 4 = e, 5 = r, 6 = t, 7 = z, etc.). On each day of each month, a page is determined where this letter has the highest percentage of the characters of the sentence compared to all pages of the isbn machine. If several sentences have the same value, the page is selected by a random factor.


Following pages

The following page is automatically displayed according to the writing direction of the Latin writing system.